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The Stone Soup Project is an Albuquerque collective dedicated to creating a world that works for everyone. Above all, we value a society founded on interdependence and cooperation. Our mission is to build community and culture by facilitating collectivism, intimacy, and reciprocity between people.

Become a part of this month's Gift Market in Roosevelt Park!

As a community we have many more resources than we do as individuals. If we share our resources, we won't need to buy as many new ones and we can avoid excess and waste.

The Gift Market is a chance to give and get cool s...tuff for absolutely free. Simply bring the things around the house you aren’t using anymore, put them in a pile, lay them on a blanket and sit with them, or walk around and hand them out, while also looking around to see if there is anything you’d like to take yourself. It’s surprising how much great stuff shows up!

You are free to contribute almost anything you can think of- food, books, clothing, furniture, music, art, plants, tools, etc. You can also share any skills or services you might be experienced with (haircuts, bike maintenance, massages, clothing repair, etc.). Also, if you would like to play music, or do any other performance art, this a great opportunity to do so! The Gift Market is a great venue for sharing whatever you can.

And don’t forget to invite anyone you know who might be interested. The more people who contribute to The Gift Market, the better it will be!

RSVP to this facebook event @ http://www.facebook.com/groups/364937483544734/#!/events/308307639259244/

Part protest, part art show, part variety show, part carnival, part party, and part bike ride, this event will be something to behold! At The Stone Soup Project, we want to strenghten grassroots arts culture and community solidarity because we think it's what the world needs. It's all for the love.

So join us for this one night only, and witness the arroyo transform into a guerilla pop-up venue for an epic night of FREE live music, poetry, comedy, b-boy battles, open emcee cyphers, live painting, juggling, fire dancing, pinata smashing, jam sessions, and much much more. Dress in costume. Ride your bike. Tell everyone you know.

The exact location will not be revealed until the day of the event, July 20th.


RSVP to this facebook event @ http://www.facebook.com/groups/364937483544734/#!/events/257070271060714/